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Secret Avengers Full Superhero Roster Lineup – NYCC

Marvel Comics has recently released its full roster from it’s upcoming series “Secret Avengers” This announcement was made at this years 2012 NYCC.  EW.com has announced that Nick Spencer and Luke Ross are revamping the Avengers team for Marvel NOW!  A relaunched Secret Avengers series coming in February 2013, which focuses on S.H.I.E.L.D., the semi-omniscient government agency. S.H.I.E.L.D. is having a great moment now, especially with the upcoming TV series.

Enjoy the full roster lineup below:

Hawkeye: “Clint led the last incarnation of Secret Avengers, the team that Steve Rogers put together,” says Spencer. “He’s not in charge anymore. So there’s some adjustment to be made.” Spencer hints that big things will be happening for Hawkeye in the near future that will play into his role on the team. “He’s in an interesting place. But I have to keep quiet!”

Black Widow: Thanks to Scarlett Johansson’s bigscreen incarnation of Natasha Romanoff, “She has a such a higher profile than ever. She’s kind of the leading female character at Marvel at this point.”

Nick Fury: “One of the most important distinctions between this Nick Fury and the Nick Fury that a lot of folks are familiar with from the film franchise is that this Nick is a field agent, and he’s a very new field agent. He comes from a lot of time in military service in Afghanistan, and that shapes his worldview and his standard operating procedures.”

Mockingbird: “Also known as Bobbie Chase, Hawkeye’s Ex-Wife. So we have some fun dynamics to play with there,” deadpans Spencer.

Taskmaster: A longtime fan-favorite character with one of the coolest superpowers ever — photographic reflexes! Spencer calls Taskmaster “a favorite of mine,” and suspects we’re on the cusp of a Taskmaster renaissance. “I was at the Con today, and I saw three Taskmaster costumes!”

A New Iron Patriot: “I can’t reveal the identity of the Iron Patriot yet, but I think people are gonna like how he ends up in that suit. That’s a suit that has a lot of history in the Marvel Universe, none of it good.”

Hulk: Spencer describes the Unjolly Green Giant as “an on-call member of this team, and a walking weapon of mass destruction. They’ll use him judiciously, but when they do, it’ll really count.”

The Winter Soldier: Although not actually a member of the team, Spencer teases that ol’ Bucky Barnes will have “a huge role in the book.”

Anybody: Spencer emphasizes that anyone could get the call for memory-implant duty, with the potential for a rotating cast from around the Marvel universe.

Is this some insider information for the upcoming TV series? Possibly but we don’t know for sure yet.

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