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Comic Con Secrets
Comic Con Secrets

Download Your FREE Comic Con Secrets Guide

I am VERY PLEASED to announce that the first part of my Comic Con Secrets guide is complete and I am giving it away for free as a way to say Thank You for being a part of Comic Con Blog!



What is Comic Con Secrets?

Comic Con Secrets is a 2 part guide written for anyone interested in the following:

  • How To Start Your Own Website/Blog
  • Attend Comic Conventions FOR FREE
  • Make Hundreds of Dollars Selling Comic Con Exclusives


How Much Does It Cost?

I have spent 100+ hours putting this guide together and have broken it up into 2 parts. I have decided to give away Part 1 for FREE. All I ask is that you join my newsletter and you will get a download link for the FREE 20+ page guide.

Part 1 focuses on starting your own website and how I personally have been attending comic conventions for the past 5 years for free.

Here is a sample of what you can expect to find in the guide.

comic-con-secrets-1 comic-con-secrets-2 comic-con-secrets-3


That is just a small sample of all the great stuff included here!

Part 2 shows you:

  • How I Make $500+ Selling Comic Con Exclusives
  • Where To Find Exclusives To Buy
  • The Difference Between A Good & Bad Exclusive
  • List of Exclusives I Have Personally Bought & Sold

Part 2 will be offered for sale later this year. It will show you real examples of how much money I have made with exclusives over the years. I will also provide a full detailed list of where to buy exclusives even if you can’t attend the convention!

How Do I Get My FREE Comic Con Secrets Guide?

Great question. As I said, all you need to do is join my email newsletter. Confirm your email (after the welcome email) and you will be given a direct link to download the PDF.

Why Wait? Join Now!

YES! I Want My FREE Comic Con Secrets Guide!


But Wait, There’s More! Sorry I had to use that one!

Everyone that provides me with feedback on the guide will be entered in a contest to win a FREE SDCC.CO T-Shirt!

What did you like?
How easy is it to read?
What can I improve?
Did you learn anything?
What Else Do You Want To Learn About?

Please email ALL Feedback to: chris@comicconsecrets.com – I want to hear it all! Good and Bad!

Learn more about Comic Con Secrets!

Go to Comic Con Secrets to learn more about the product! Please note, the website is still under construction so make sure to bookmark it!

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What are you waiting for! Go download your FREE Comic Con Secrets guide! Thank you being a loyal reader!

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