Netflix Orders The Punisher Spin Off

Netflix The Punisher

The Punisher is BACK Netflix has announced that Marvel’s The Punisher will get its own spin off – which is AWESOME news. Let’s face it – Daredevil Season 2 was not that great. I enjoyed Season 1 but I tired of Daredevil’s ‘wussiness’ and ‘I can’t kill anyone’ blah blah …

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The COMPLETE Comic Book Superhero Movie List

Marvel Upcoming Phase 2 3 Movies

The past few years have seen an amazing amount of comic book superhero movie adaptations. Today it seems that any decent comic book character makes his/her way from paper to life on the digital screen. With all these new movies being released, It makes sense to have a comprehensive list …

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SDCC WILL Stream Hall H Panels But There’s A Catch


Last month, SDCC announced its partnership with Lionsgate to create a new streaming video service for Comic-Con called Comic-Con HQ. With this new tag team, the goal was to stream panels from Hall H – but there’s a catch. The content will be streamed but will not be live. In an interview …

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