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Help Support Spirit Squad: Crime-Fighting Cheerleaders

Every once in a while, I come across a very cool and interesting Kickstarter campaign and want to let all my readers know about it. Everyone loves people that fight crime – what’s better than fightin’ crime? Cheerleaders fighting crime

What is Spirit Squad?

Spirit Squad: Crime-Fighting Cheerleaders is a super-hero movie about crime-fighting cheerleaders.

When five high school cheerleaders discover that they have gained super-powers, they commit to give back to the community by using their new found abilities by becoming crime-fighting super-hero cheerleaders.

The Spirit Squad girls take down one drug dealer after another until they finally come up against the ruthless drug kingpin of the city himself – Big Daddy Cash.

Matters are made worse for the Spirit Squad girls when Big Daddy Cash creates his own team of criminal cheerleaders, The Vicious Vixens, and orders them to bring down the Spirit Squad once and for all at the big homecoming football game by planting a bomb under the bleachers. Will the Spirit Squad defeat the Vicious Vixens and save the city from certain death???

*Yes, there were only four Spirit Squad girls in the trailer. The movie will have five!

Kickstarter LINK


This kick ass flick is directed by Thom Rockwell who is an accomplished Director in the world of Independent Filmmaking, a highly creative person and a lifelong martial artist. Spirit Squad is the movie that he has always wanted to be his first feature length motion picture, so he has been planning this project for years. Previous films by Rockwell can be seen on his website at www.rockwelldigital.com.

What makes this movie special?

Several things, actually.

1. Super-hero movie with women: Super-hero movies are the biggest money makers in Hollywood and they continue to produce Batman movies, Super-Man movies, Spider-Man movies, Iron-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Avengers and many more, with talks of Dr. Strange and Black Panther just around the corner. BUT STILL NO WONDER WOMAN MOVIE! Well, our movie will have 5 Wonder Women in it!

2. It’s a Girl Power! movie: The Spirit Squad heroes are strong and intelligent women that make their own decisions, take care of the business of ridding the city from crime, and don’t depend on men to solve their problems for them. This is a girl power movie! Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof(* the last 20 minutes of Death Proof, that is. Where Zoe Bell is on the hood of the car and the girls are all kicking Kurt Russell’s ass. You get the picture!)

3. It’s a Crime-Fighting Cheerleaders movie: How many great crime-fighting cheerleaders movies can you name? None! This movie will be the first serious action movie done in this genre. And you will have bragging rights for the rest of your life that you helped fund it as well as the exclusive rewards to prove it to anyone at parties that doesn’t believe you could have been a contributor to such an amazingly kickass movie.

4. They fight an army of Zombies in the sequel: Ya, it’s a trilogy. And the next two movies are incredibly cool too, but first things first. Let’s get this movie made!

So there you go! Let’s help turn this campaign into a MOVIE people!

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