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2016 NYCC Exclusives – Funko

2016 NYCC Exclusives – Funko

Funko has some of the BEST exclusives at conventions – Period. Here is what they have as their 2016 NYCC Exclusives

“Funko is proud to announce the latest batch of New York Comic Con 2016 exclusives,”Funko announced on its official blog. “Our exclusives contain many of Funko’s most popular lines like Pop!, Dorbz, and ReAction!

“Our goal was to cover as many beloved licenses and characters as possible to remind every Comic Con attendee why they fell in love with these stories in the first place!”

With so many exclusive toys, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I did it anyway – it’s gotta be Chef Deadpool with the hat.

Without further ado, here’s the full list of toys from Funko exclusively at NYCC 2016:

NYCC 2016 Pop! Rides Indiana Jones AdventureFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Star Wars Ep 1 Qui Gon JinnFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Star Wars Rogue One BistanFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Disney NBC BehemothFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Disney NBC Seated Sally w/ CatFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Barbossa w/ MonkeyFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Rides NY Taxi FreddyFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Hair Bear Bunch Bubi BearFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Hair Bear Bunch Square BearFunkoNYCC 2016 Dorbz Ridez Compact Pussycat & Penelope PitstopFunkoNYCC 2016 Dorbz Ridez Banana Splits FleegleFunkoNYCC 2016 Dorbz Ridez Banana Splits DrooperFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Animation SSC & Huckleberry Pie 2-packFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Hanna-Barbera Magilla Gorilla 2-packFunkoNYCC 2016 Dorbz Yogi Bear 3pk Yogi Boo Boo RangerFunkoNYCC 2016 Dorbz XL ThanosFunkoNYCC 2016 Dorbz X-Men Mohawk StormFunkoNYCC 2016 Dorbz X-Men JuggernautFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Marvel X-Men Kitty PrydeFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Marvel Chef DeadpoolFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! TV iZombie Olivia Moore Zombie hoodFunkoNYCC 2016 Dorbz Suicide Squad Deadshot with Eye ScopeFunkoNYCC 2016 Dorbz Suicide Squad Harley Quinn With MalletFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Heroes Suicide Squad Joker Grenade DamageFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Heroes DC Heroes Killing Joke JokerFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Heroes DC Heroes Classic BatgirlFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Heroes DC Heroes Rainbow BatmanFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Heroes DC Heroes White Lantern BatmanFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! TV Legends of Tomorrow HawkgirlFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! TV The Walking Dead ShaneFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Anime Dragonball Z Super Saiyan TrunksFunkoNYCC 2016 ReAction The Dark Crystal Garthim Box SetFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Movies Scott Pilgrim Scott Astro BoyFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Movies Scott Pilgrim Knives ChauFunkoNYCC 2016 Pop! Movies Twilight Hooded JaneFunkoNYCC 2016

ReAction Golden GirlsFunkoNYCC 2016

Dorbz Freddy Funko I Heart NYCCFunko


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