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Toy Hunters Travel Channel TV Show Premiere Jan 15

Attention Toy Collectors! Your prayers have been answered!

On Sunday January 15, 2012 the Travel Channel is going to premier a brand new show called Toy Hunters at 11 pm

This TV show features  toy expert Jordan Hembrough as he goes searching through Cincinnati area garages, basements, attics and warehouses for vintage and rare Kenner/Hasbro toys. This is very exciting since I have been collecting toys for years, especially vintage hot wheels redlines from the late 60’s to early 70’s

It’s a one-hour pilot by  Sharp Entertainment  for a potential series — though some involved here worry about the possible audience for the show at 11 p.m. on a Sunday night. So set the DVR.

Hembrough of Hollywood Heroes.com looks for old Star Wars, Thundercats and other vintage Kenner toys at the homes of former Kenner/Hasbro employees Rob Meyer in Anderson Township, Ron Boyle of Withamsville and others,  plus Queen City Comics, for him to take to the New York ComiCon, Boyle said.

“The show is a loving tribute to the history of toys and toy collecting, and with the rich history of… all things Kenner, people of all ages will enjoy this fun, colorful, informative show,” said Meyer, a graphic designer, illustrator and collector.

Boyle worked at Kenner/Hasbro for eight years, and then Warner Bros. Toy here in town for four years. He now workes from home for many different toy companies, including Hasbro, and other consumer product companies on a consulting basis.

Make sure to watch the pilot this Sunday!

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  1. I have an amazing amazing Spiderman collection and would love you to take a look at it. 95% is vintage. Mego’s, pez, pinball, board games, puzzles, etc. How can you b contacted directly so I can send pictures??Thanks. Deron

  2. I have been collecting Batman for many years. My collection is huge. I am not trying to get on tv, I would like to show you my collection.
    Than you
    Domino Rae

  3. I have an extensive Star Trek collection that belonged to my late husband, can you give me guidance on where to sell it?

  4. dear toy hunters i have star wars and power rangers and spider-man
    and that all my collections.

  5. toy hunters call me now.

  6. This show brings back great memories of my childhood when I had a collection of Mego action figures from “Worlds Greatest Superheros” to “The Planet of the Apes.” those were my favorite toys next to “Matchbox” and “Hot Wheels” cars. Oh why didn’t I know then what I do now. I would’ve taken better care of them. Still wouldnt sell them though. The best I had was the Batman and Robin with removable masks. Yeah, I know!!!

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