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Ghostbusters Marshmallow Mess Ray Stantz

Matty Collector is known for providing quality products and limited quantities of figures for toy collectors. I have been buying from Matty Collector for a few years now and am LOVING the Ghostbusters figures they have been releasing each month.

Late last year Matty Collector provided collectors the opportunity to join Club Ecto-1 which guarantees collectors every single toy released throughout the year- which is a great thing for people who cant get to a computer, or for the collector who wants security knowing he will not miss an exclusive. A few weeks ago, I got the Marshmallow Mess Ray Stantz. This is definitely the best figure so far that I have received from Matty. This figure immediately sold out and is currently selling for an avearage of $60 – I seen a few auctions end on ebay for $70 and I feel that this figure will only increase in value – pending Matty does NOT release this again in the future! According to Matty:

    The inaugural Club Ecto-1 subscribers-only figure honors Ray Stantz™, the man the citizens of New York can thank for making a marshmallowy mess of their fine city. Ray is covered with the remnants of his nemesis, all the way down to the “no Ghost” platform he stands upon. Along with a glow-in-the-dark proton stream, he features an exclusive Ghostbusters™ walkie-talkie and “ecto goggles.”

    So in case you did not join Club Ecto-1 and are a Ghostbusters fan – I would recommend getting this to add to your collection – It is a must have!

    Ghostbusters Marshmallow Mess Ray Stantz

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