Rare Nintendo World Championship Carts Listed on Ebay | Nintendo World Championship Cart

NES Nintendo World Championship GOLD Cart

One of the rarest video games ever has made its way to eBay – actually make that 2 games. Right now there are 2 Nintendo World Championship Cart video games listed on ebay that will easily sell in the hundreds of thousands of dollar range.

This is the holy grail of NES games – hell you are safe to say that this is the holy grail of ALL video games.

Nintendo World Championship Cart

This game is so rare that anytime one pops up for sale, just about every single gamer website and blog post it. One recently sold for $100k with a torn off cover.

To sweeten the deal, there are currently 2 up for grabs – One with a perfect cover (current high bid is: $13,750) and an even rarer GOLD cart (current bid >$100K)

NES Nintendo World Championship GOLD Cart NES Nintendo World Championship Cart

I am extremely curious to see what both of these games sell for. I personally collect and still play NES and SNES games anytime I can.

Best of luck to both the buyers and sellers and let me know if anyone has an extra Nintendo World Championship Cart sitting in their attic!

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