NECA Life Sized Replica Portal Gun PreOrder

NECA has announced a full life sized version Portal gun – Kick Ass. That’s all I can say.

According to an official NECA Post,

“Chell’s weapon of choice, accurately named Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, should start to appear in your favorite toy stores around April. We’re only making 5000 replicas, so this is a very limited run. You can expect them to sell out very quickly.

Here are some more details:

  • Dimensions: 30? in length
  • Support: the replica rests fine on flat surfaces and does not ship with a base or stand.
  • Features: both orange and blue LED lights and unique sounds that correspond to each color.
  • Sounds: The lovely “portal-creating” sound we’ve become used to

A 3 way switch allows you to select blue, orange or off and when you pull the trigger you activate the ”firing” and sound. It requires 3 “C” batteries, not included.

MOAR Portal Goodies?

Dont forget to check out the highly popular Portal Companion Cube plush we released last year. It’s a great addition to your Portal collection.

Retailers – some restrictions apply. Please see the Portal Replica product page for more info.
Read more:

Here are the LONG awaited photos and video:

Here is a video of the Portal Gun in action:

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