Amazing Spider-Man 2 First Set Photos

The Daily Mail has posted the first group of set photos from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 starring Andrew Garfield.

Garfield was spotted  performing his own stunts and somersault work at the New York set on Monday.
This Spider-Man movie is being shot entirely in 3D again and is set to be one of the big summer blockbusters when it’s released in July 2014.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Stunt

Spider-Man creator Stan Lee was more than happy with the new imagining of his world, after filming his cameo in the first film, he tweeted: ‘Rejoice, my brace Brigadiers, the Generalissimo hath returned unscathed from his perilous duty on the set of the new Spider-Man reboot!

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photo Garfield Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photo Costume Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photo costume 2



Spiderman spotted in full costume on set in New York City Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photo 2

Shailene Woodley displayed new red locks as she was also spotted on set. The 21-year-old plays Mary Jane Watson and was make-up free as she strolled around Manhattan

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Shailene Woodley 2 Amazing Spider-Man 2 Shailene Woodley

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