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Marvel Unlimited App For iOS

Finally there is an app that provides every comic fan a healthy dose of unlimited comics at an affordable price. Marvel just did it.. Marvel Unlimited, formerly MDCU, is now available on iPads and iPhones.

Marvel Unlimited is a new app  is an extension of the new HTML5 reader that Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited rolled out recently, but much more convenient. An Android will be coming soon but  iOS is only available now. The subscription is the same as the web-based version, so if you already subscribe to MDCU, you can use the app, too. If not, subscriptions are $10 per month, or a “limited time” annual subscription for $60 ($5 per month).

Here is more info: Users have access to 13,000 back issues and allows you to add comics to your library, you can store six issues for offline reading , sorts by character, series, creator, or events, and syncs your downloaded comics across all your devices.

SVP of Marvel Digital Peter Phillips said most major titles “should be in there at six months; we’re pretty timely with that.” Basically, it’s like waiting for the trade.  He added, “It’s more of a borrow function, meant to be used in tandem with the Marvel app.” Which explains the painfully low six issues available for offline reading.

Phillips noted that this is just “Phase 1” of MU, with another major release coming later in 2013, but would only add that it’s a “fan club membership opportunity.” Which might be pretty cool! But it would be cooler if that meant “more than six offline comics.”

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