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How To Cosplay Doctor Who – Are These The Sexiest Daleks Ever?

This year for Comic Con we’re cooking up an extra-special cosplay wardrobe, with a little help from clothing manufacturer and retailer American Apparel, pop-culture designers and event planners Bubble Punch, and our fave Sunset Strip geek emporium, Meltdown Comics.

Comic chic chicks Chubby Bunny and Yume Ninja of Bubble Punch have designed three different sexy cosplay themed outfits for our ladies to wear while they man our Comic-Con booth. Each of the outfits was made using basics available at your local American Apparel store.

Cosplay Doctor Who

Above is the third in our series of three cosplay videos. This one is a tutorial showing you how to recreate the Dalek costumes our ladies will be exterminating the competition in at Comic Con. Talking of competitions, we’ll be hosting a cosplay competition at a party at 4th & B on Friday July 13th, which will feature performances by Andrew W.K., Peanut Butter Wolf, Hottub, Alexander Spit, and Franki Chan.

You can also catch our ladies in their cosplay outfits at booth #1730 of Comic Con San Diego 2012. If you’re planning on attending the convention on more than one day, be sure to come back and visit us again, since our team of sexy booth girls will be cosplaying new outfits each day!


Cosplay Doctor Who

Cosplay Doctor Who

We’ll have a veritable army of Suicide Girls on hand at the booth, which will include Venom, Severen, Seizure, Brewin, Dice, Elea, Alicee, Phecda, Sash, Zell, Chad, Ridley, Sid, Buellher, Parish, Pandie, Tita, Atlas, Kemper, LaneyChantal, Bob, Spliff, Tristyn, Ackley, Bradley, Haydin, Rambo, Callioppe, Thanatogenous, Milloux, Radeo, Dali, Lolana, Dimples, Murphie, Katherine, and Rlei. So be sure to stop by, say hi, take some pix, pick up some merch, and get your SG books and comics signed.

See you in San Diego!

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Here are the links to the girls featured in the pics:


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