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Walking Dead #1 Fetches $10,100 on eBay

While searching completed auctions on ebay, I came across a completed auction for a CGC 9.9 Walking Dead #1 which had 50 bids and SOLD for a whopping $10,100!

The Walking Dead has become a massive multi million dollar franchise from selling action figures, comics, books to the TV show that millions of people watch weekly. CLICK HERE for a link to the completed auction.

The seller points out in his description – “This is an investment as The Walking Dead is now a permanent part of our pop culture and continues to grow in popularity.” which is true – this was an investment that has paid off tremendously!

According to a post at THR – “A 9.9 copy of The Walking Dead No. 1 sold for $7,000 in March. A year earlier, an identically graded copy went for what now seems like bargain, just $2,500.” Going from $2,500 to $10,100 in 2 years produces a 304% return on the initial investment 2 years ago, according to THIS online calculator.

The Walking Dead was created by writer Robert Kirkman, who serves as an executive producer of the AMC zombie drama. The Image series, printed in stark black and white, released its 104th issue Wednesday.

Congrats to the seller and I am very curious to see if this comic will retain its value for the years to come, or if it will come down in price once people (if ever) become slightly less interested in The Walking Dead

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