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What’s Happening at SDCC.CO In 2014

Happy New Year!


I want to wish each and every one of you a very happy, prosperous, and successful 2014. I decided to write this post to let my readers know what plans I have for the upcoming year. This post will also be used a progress guide to see how much I have completed at the end of the year.

Update Website Layout

The first goal of 2014 is to completely redo the website layout. I have been using the same layout since 2010 and it time to change things. I want to make the website more user friendly and allow readers easier access to comment – such as via facebook, twitter, etc. This is the first goal and I want to finish this in the next few months.

Post More Often

During comic conventions I post nearly every single day, however during the “off season” I tend to only post about things that catch my eye. For 2014, I want to write new posts at least 3 times a week. Remember, SDCC.CO is not just about San Diego. I also attend many other conventions across the US year-round such as C2E2 and various Wizard World Conventions.

Finish Writing Guides

I am currently writing 2 e-books (guides) that are nearly 90% complete. The first guide is all  about making money with comics and is called Comics For Profit. In this guide I show you exactly how to find comic books cheap and resell them for big bucks. I only deal with CGC key comics – This guide does not talk about buying thousands of comics off craigslist or some other time-wasting methods. It is something I have been doing for years and easily make an extra $1,000 a month with this method.

The second guide is called Comic Con Secrets – and just as you figured – It is ALL about comic conventions. In this guide I tell you how I get into comic conventions for free and how I make on average of $500 or more at comic cons – all across the US! This guide also talks about starting your own comic related website as well.

If anyone is interested in the guides I mentioned above, make sure to JOIN MY EMAIL LIST which is below. All of my readers get a special discount.

SDCC Wristbands

2 years ago, I sold “I HEART SDCC” wristbands and they were an instant success. The quickly sold out and many people were asking for more. Expect SDCC wristbands as we get closer to Comic-Con!

PS – As a bonus, I will be giving away something for FREE with every wristband purchase!

SDCC Fan Meetup

Meeting fans and readers of this blog is the main reason I blog. I had a great opportunity to meet fans in previous comic cons and I want to create an unofficial meetup where fans can talk about SDCC, comics, movies, etc. Expect more info as we get closer to summer.

These are the main goals I have for the website in 2014. What are some of your personal goals? What do you wish to accomplish or complete? Again, I wish everyone a great and successful 2014!

See you all at SDCC



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