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SDCC Proposal Couple Needs Your Help


SDCC Proposal Couple Needs Your Help

I was recently contacted by Amanda who is asking the SDCC community for some help. You see, Amanda’s boyfriend-now-fiancé, decided to do the ultimate proposal and asked the love of his life to marry him at this years SDCC! How AWESOME is that!?!?!

They have asked the SDCC community to step in and provide any photos from anyone who was at the Walking Dead Photo Opp booth at SDCC 2016 on Sunday around 10:45 a.m.

If any of you were there and snapped some pics, PLEASE contact me  or add the photo to twitter and tag @thebabyspoon or @dtonsyfyfans

Let’s make this event even more special and let the SDCC Proposal couple get some photos they can frame!

Here is the original email from the SDCC Proposal couple:

Hi there!

Went to SDCC this past weekend and I need some help. My boyfriend proposed to me at SDCC this past weekend at the Walking Dead photo opp booth and while we have it on video from my POV and his camera (he acted like they were taking photos when they instead were taking video), we do not have any good quality photos of the moment.

There were LOTS of people around the booth at the time who had their phones and cameras out, so I am trying to reach out to fellow fans who may have photos of the event.

The proposal took place at the Walking Dead Photo Opp booth at SDCC 2016 on Sunday around 10:45 a.m.

Also, here is the video for your enjoyment:


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