With two weeks to go until this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the planning is intensifying! To help to make your SDCC better, I’m back again with several new SDCC tips collected here from my Twitter account (@The_Con_Fluence). Take a look and Tweet me if you have any questions.
@The_Con_Fluence: If interested in an #SDCC shirt, make sure to pick one up Thur or Fri. They do sell out, so beware. #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: For those w/Matty #SDCC voucher purchases, Fri from 10:30-11:45 seemed to be reported as shortest line times at pick-up last yr #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: For those w/Matty #SDCC voucher purchases, Fri from 10:30-11:45 seemed to be reported as shortest line times at pick-up last yr #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: #SDCCTips RT @SD6ComicCon: The Hash House flagship is in SD. Quick $10 cab ride from #sdcc. Perfect post Con breakfast = Meatloaf Hash.
@The_Con_Fluence: Take hundreds of pictures at #SDCC Just as a collector can never have too much stuff, a con attendee never has too many pics #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Pack 2 poster tubes for #SDCC Bring 1 with you each day & keep the other in room to keep things nice & organized #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Save taking pics of displays until closing of #SDCC There’ll be less crowds & it leaves more time for other things #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Be nice. #SDCC #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Take notes on tips you find for #SDCC  2012 so that you’ll be a smarter attendee for #SDCC 2013 #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Take notes on expenditures for #SDCC  2012 so that you’ll have a better idea of budgets for #SDCC 2013 #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Set recorders for @AOTS coverage of #SDCC It’s a fun way to re-live the con months after. I don’t delete until @AmazingComicCon #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: If you don’t have tics for a day (or all 4), there’s still tons of #SDCC fun. Keep an eye on off-site items @ http://t.co/Gbn8QuCZ #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: For a refreshing break from #SDCC crowds, grab a burger from the outside @HiltonBayfront vendors & sit here #SDCCTips http://t.co/VyvSZide
@The_Con_Fluence: Watch the ground at #SDCC for dropped fulfillment room tics. Found 5 last yr & earned some nice swag w/o attending the panels #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Research autograph options. Often you’ll find that you already own something that the talent at #SDCC needs to sign to make great #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Wed morn of #SDCC it is fun to take walking tour of area & see transformation of Gaslamp. Stop by the hotels & see the seeds #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Eating at Gaslamp Strip Club is another #SDCC must. Bit pricey, but it’s a unique & tasty culinary experience you won’t forget #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: It’s helpful to bring several bags to #SDCC . As you filll them up, you can leave swag in & just grab a new empty bag #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: If you wait & don’t pre-pay park (why would you do that?), try structure on 6th & J; default to lot on Imperial. #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: If you see something you love at #SDCC buy it! If you see something you like, put it on a list & check for price drop on Sun #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Eat at Cafe Diem on Wed morn before #SDCC (not crowded) . It’s overpriced, but it’s fun & becoming an #SDCC tradition #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: If you are unhappy w/your luck on the WB bag, tweet me & I’ll RT so that my followers can connect on trades. Worked great last yr #SDCCTips
Make an #SDCC exclusive want list prior to the con. If you don’t have a list & a plan, you stand better chance of missing out #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Wear nondescript clothing if you want multiples of swag. If you stand out, you may not get seconds #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Multiple twitter lists for #SDCC is key. You may want to know what a fav star is eating, but that’s different than floor reports #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Using past WB bags is a good way to make yourself more identifiable at #SDCC My Watchman bag from 10 will make me easier to find #SDCCTips
@The_Con_Fluence: Vela at the @HiltonBayfront is 1 of the least crowded & most relaxing dining spots near #SDCC during the con #SDCCTips
As always, watch this site and follow me on Twitter for the best in SDCC news!

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