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How To Prepare for SDCC with ONE month to Spare!

SDCC is right around the corner and there are thousands of you who are anxiously awaiting the start of this massive event and also trying to figure out what the heck you still need to do, what to pack, how much money to bring, etc!

I have decided to put together some of my favorite posts from this site and various other SDCC related sites so that you can have some sanity and one central guide.

If you know of any posts I should include, please comment below OR feel free to post your tips/strategies that can be helpful to any Con goer!


Who To Follow During SDCC

2013 SDCC Exclusives

The Nerdie Girlie Comic Con Guide

 Survival Tips Outside San Diego Comic-Con

SDCC: Photography Tips

Setting Your SDCC Budget

SDCC HASBRO Exclusive Tips:

Again, if you have a favorite website, blog, or article you think is a great resource, then please let me know!

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