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January Hottie Of The Month Jenifer Ann

The end of the year is a few days away, and what better way to bring in the new year than with a new Hottie Of The Month!


The first girl to be featured for January 2013 is Jenifer Ann.


I want to thank Jenifer for taking time out of her schedule to this interview. Enjoy!

Name: Jenifer Ann

What do you do? I am a model, artist, and work in the Real Estate business.

Currently living in: Atlantic Beach, FL

How can fans contact you?

FaceBook – www.facebook.com/modeljeniferann

Twitter – @JeniferAnnModel


What do you do for fun? I love to play video games, draw, sew, and create!!

Hobbies? Pretty much same as above, LOL!! Currently hooked on SWTOR and making costumes for upcoming Comic Cons!! My grandmother was a seamstress and taught me sewing when I was very young and left me her amazing sewing machine!!


Favorite video game and comic of all time? Hmmmm…Zelda (the gold one) from the original Nintendo, yes I still have it, it works, and yes I still have the game saved from 15 years ago!! I was really into and still am into Anime Comics, I would say Sailor Moon was my all time favorite!!


Favorite movie? My Neighbor Totoro (I still love it so!!)


What type of a “nerd” would you consider yourself to be? I don’t really classify myself, I am just a typical girl that has many different hobbies and love to create art and see what others create as well. I love playing video games on my downtime.


Do you collect anything? I collect anything anime or with cute bats on it!! I have had an obsession with bats since I was a little girl and even though my Mom thought it was odd, she bought every cute bat she saw and I have quite the collection.


What is your favorite cosplay outfit? My favorite cosplay would probably be a Night Elf from W.O.W.


Who is someone that you want to dress as in the future? I would love to be able to eventually make a cosplay like a character from W.O.W!!


Have you even been to SDCC? If yes, what was your favorite part of SDCC? Which other comic conventions do you attend? I have not been to SDCC as of yet, but hope to attend in the near future. I first got into going to cons and wanting to cosplay back in 2007 when I was a model for Three Muses Clothing (cosplay store) and stopped when I moved away, then luckily met some great friends in Phoenix, AZ that were very much a part of the con community and started attending again when I lived out in Arizona between 2010-2012. Now I am back in FL again excited to hit some of the East Coast Cons!! Very much looking forward to Dragon*Con 2013


What is one memorable comic con moment? There are so many great moments at these events whether it be during or after, all the new friends you meet, and great works of art whether it be cosplays or comics, I love it all!!


What is something the world does not know about you? I would say most people do not know that I am also an artist and love drawing anime, I used to tag Sailor Moon on all the desks at my high school, and they are still there to my knowledge!! (A little bird had told me).


What is one of your guilty pleasures? Playing SWTOR is one for now and sometimes before you know it, it’s been 4 hours and I should have been doing other things…


Do you have any piercings/tattoos? I have 4 tattoos and gauged ears. And where is it? Both my middle fingers have a tattoo on each one saying Love and the other has two music notes on it from when I was a DJ. When I made a heart connecting my hands it makes more sense to the eye. I have a star behind my ear in memory of my grandmother whom I used to sit on the beach with and watch shooting stars and talk about life. The last tattoo I have was inspired by Lord of the Rings and says “Wake Your Dreams” I designed that scripture myself and took me weeks before I finally got it down right, LOL. Reminds me to never give up on my dreams.


What is the weirdest thing someone has said or done to you? I really can’t think of anything too off the wall, then again I am pretty open minded so not too much is weird to me.


Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? I see myself owning my own home with my honey and having our own awesome gaming/costuming/drawing room to have tons of fun with and plan all the future events and comic cons!!




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