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Chloe Davis Cosplay Interview

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a Hottie Of The Month – and its time to bring it back! I’d like to introduce Chloe Davis – a fiery redhead, adult film star, who is completely indulged in the cosplay scene. Not only is she sexy but is also extremely friendly and easy to talk to. I am very pleased to feature her as my Hottie of The Month!

Big thanks to Chloe for taking the time to provide her cosplay photos and help out with the interview!

Tell the world who you are and what you do.

Who I am? I am Chloe Davis, redhead, 26, the Brits tallest female adult model, in heels I am an Amazonian 6’8-10″, star of Fake Taxi, PlayboyTV and RedLightCentralTV, gamer girl, comic geek, sports fan, basically I am ideal girlfriend material, lol.

How can fans contact you?

Fans can find me on
FB Chloe Davis
Instagram chloedavismodel
Web www.QueenChloeXXX.com (goes live in July)

Explain your normal day – what are your routines?

A normal day for me, is pretty erratic, most days I am too busy for breakfast or lunch, but I make up for it at dinner time. Photo shoots, web-camming, social media, making contacts in the industry, planning for future shoots, the website is  taking up a chunk of time at the moment, then i have to fit in Quality time with my dog, she’s a Husky and the love of my life!! No-one comes close! I am also a member of some sports teams so try to get to training often. What I am saying is that no two days are the same!

What city do you live in? What do you do for fun? Favorite movie/book/comic?

I live in Birmingham, U.K. I love to play sport, I’m an avid gamer and movie buff so anything involving any of those things is my ideal date. I could not pick a single favourite movie, too many. My favourite comic is a graphic novel, Maximum Carnage, because it was one of my first loves and I enjoyed the game spin off too.
What type of a “nerd” would you consider yourself to be?
Sexy, smart, video gamer, cosplay, film buff, comic nut – I am them all!!! Seriously.

You are part of Lipstick Vixens – Tell everyone what that is and what role you play in it.

I worked in collaboration with Lipstick Vixens, I wanted to be painted as Poison Ivy, because I love the sexy Gotham Sirens and my hair leant itself to that character, who is the very embodiment of femininity, she is Mother Nature, with her thigh boots on – what man/woman can resist. Lipstick Vixens (NJ) said she would paint me as part of a college project she was doing. Then a Photographer (Jenny Martin) friend took some stunning pics and well, they were very well received on social media..

You cosplay actively as well correct? What is your favorite outfit so far?  How often do you cosplay? How much time do you spend on your costume?

I love to Cosplay, my favourite is my latex WonderWoman outfit, but there are many more projects in the pipeline, so watch this space.
Not able to Cosplay as often as I like, although modelling has sometimes crossed paths with Cosplay and I enjoy when I am modelling something I am passionate about…
Would you consider yourself more of a “Miss Marvel, save the world!” or “Harley Quinn, SCREW everybody” in nature?
Miss Marvel, Save the world, looking forward to the movie with her in actually..x

Do you attend any conventions or have you ever been to SDCC? How often do you go to conventions? Which is your favorite? Any plans to attend upcoming conventions?

Have been to ComicCon in the Uk, haven’t crossed the Atlantic yet to sample the delights of the American conventions, which I am certain are a whole other level! I am dying to go!!

Your social media/website has some great modeling photos – some are a little “ris-kay” – which one is your favorite?

My favourite pic of me on social media is actually a BTS (behind the scenes) shot from Bodyline Studios, I’m sat on a motorbike, In front of a graffiti’d wall, topless in a leather jacket. I think I look like I have mischief in my eyes. Closely followed by one from the Poison Ivy shoot which is most recent.

IF Playboy ever asked you to do a photo shoot, would you accept?

I have already done some things for PlayboyTV but sure if they wanted to dedicate a whole shoot to me and I got to meet Heff at the mansion- sign me up.. I’d probably dwarf him though, his head would be boob height, can’t imagine he’d complain about that though ?

Do you read/collect comic books? Do you collect anything else?

The only comic books I have left (as I have had to move around a lot) are a full set of Marvel Conan the Barbarian, I also collect Fallout memorabilia, Pip Boy has pride of place at home.

What is ONE thing that a person would not know by looking at you?

To look at me you wouldn’t know that I am an avid MMA fighter/fan.
What is your favorite way to promote your site or yourself?

What is the most bizarre thing someone has asked you to do?

I don’t think you could actually print the most bizarre thing I have been asked to do. But a tamer request was to carry someone around whilst I was wearing heels, nothing else.

Are you working on any other upcoming projects or a website you want to share with us?

Lots of other projects, I am collaborating with Behind Barz to design and produce a range of female chastity belts. I am building my website, so shooting lots of exclusive content for that. www.QueenChloeXXX.com and working on a range of latex clothing to mention but a few.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5yrs I want to be a household name, like my idol Jenna Jameson, or women’s UFC champion! Seriously 5yrs is a long time. Whatever I am doing I just want it to be successful, I would love the chance to work in the US though, so anyone reading this, sponsor me to come over… ?

What is 1 piece of advice you can give someone?

Never let anyone tell you, you cannot be what you want to be, do what u want to do
How many tattoos do you have? Any plans to add any more? What is the significance of the Wonder Woman tattoo? Would get any other comic related tattoos in the future?
I have several tattoos, on my left side, they will all become a single left side sleeve eventually, just one more full day in the chair to go. I have a dragon (Smaug from the Hobbit movies) as I love how Benedict Cumberbatch brought him to life and I love any and all things middle earth. I have a Phoenix on my hip, rising from the flames of the dragon, and then battling the flames is WonderWoman. So I guess there’s a theme of overcoming adversity & who better than Diana Prince to do that.
I like that tattoos tell their own personal story of someone’s life. We become walking works of art (our own comic books). I am planning to get a blue dragonfly, a BDSM symbol and a 30 seconds to Mars triad in there too….Eventually, when I can free up the time and the funds..??

Huge thanks to Chloe Davis and I really look forward to working together in the future!


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