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2016 SDCC Souvenir Book Cover Revealed

Comic-Con released the 2016 SDCC Souvenir book cover today which features Wonder Woman drawn by Babs Tarr. 

Taken from the site:

But today’s big news is the debut of our Comic-Con 2016 Souvenir Book cover, created exclusively for us by special guest and fan-favorite artist Babs Tarr! This year’s cover celebrates the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman. The Amazon Princess got the biggest response when we solicited for art and articles for this year’s book. And if you’re guessing this is also the art for the official T-shirt, well … you guessed right! We’ll reveal this year’s amazing T-shirt designs (yes, plural, including 2 new logo-design shirts, and a new Toucan shirt, too, and maybe a surprise or two!) in the next few weeks. Check back for this exciting info!

In the meantime, here’s Babs herself with what she thought about illustrating this year’sSouvenir Book cover!

“It was a HUGE honor to be asked to draw Wonder Woman for the program art for THE BIGGEST COMIC- CON IN THE WORLD and for her 75th anniversary!!! (Insert Wayne’s’ Worldbowing GIF here!) I am not worthy! What a thing to have on my resume … So thankful for the opportunity!”

Comic-Con International 2016 Souvenir Book Cover

Babs Tarr is a special guest at Comic-Con 2016. At right, one of her preliminary sketches for the cover.

More from Babs in the “Cover Story” feature in the 2016 Souvenir Book, which, incidentally, is THE BIGGEST BOOK WE’VE EVER DONE (emphasis added), weighing in at 264 pages!

Very excited about this cover and cant wait to get the 2016 SDCC Souvenir book!

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