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2016 Wizard World Chicago Photos & Review

Every year, I look forward to attending Wizard World Chicago – and this year BLEW me away! This was by far the best Wizard World Chicago yet!

This year included some of the industries best actors, an entire floor dedicated to gaming, some of the best cosplay I’ve seen, OVER 100 kick-ass panels for attendees,  WWE, mystery boxes (for the gambling man) and an artist alley that seems to increase in size each year! I had the joy of seeing Kim Jung Gi – One of my favorite artists – and getting a custom sketch from him – for FREE – with any purchase. This was the largest convention I have ever seen in Chicago. The main floors were PACKED with goodies, merchandise, and amazing art work. It took a good few hours to make my way through everything. If all of this was not enough, WW Chicago also had tattoo artists – Yes you could have gotten Bart Simpson’s butt out with “Eat my Shorts” if you truly wanted to.

Some of the big names this year at Wizard World Chicago were: Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Carrie Fisher, Norman Reedus, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Bruce Campbell, The cast of Netflix’s Daredevil (Charlie Cox, Deborah Woll.) The list is truly incredible!

I am pretty certain that this incredible change has  A LOT to do with Wizard World’s new CEO, John D. Maatta, who has years of experience and knowledge in the entertainment industry.  In a press conference, the following was mentioned about Mr. Matta:

“John brings Wizard World his solid entertainment industry experience and proven success in creating innovative content and distribution strategies. Wizard World is poised to expand its already significant footprint, and John will work with us to guide the company to its next phase of growth and beyond,” said Paul Kessler, Chairman of the Wizard World Board of Directors.

This statement is validated if you went to Wizard World Chicago. I have never been more impressed with a Chicago con than I was this year. I’ll be honest, I used to get all excited for C2E2, and WW Chicago  blew my expectations out of the water. I cannot wait to see what is in store for next year!


2016 Wizard World Chicago Photos

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