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Comic Connect Latest Auctions

Every once in a while, I will check ebay or other sites that sell comics and see what the current market brings for a great comic. We all know that Comic Connect sold Amazing Fantasy #15 for $1.1 million – which is definitely a serious chunk of change. While searching …

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Top 10 Most Expensive Comic Books

With the latest news, of Amazing Fantasy #15 (9.6) which is the first appearance of Spiderman selling for a record $1.1 million dollars at auction, I figured it was time to unveil the 10 Most Expensive Comic Books. These prices are based only on mint non graded comics. 10. Amazing …

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Charlie Sheen Comic Book – TigerBlood

With the media extremely infatuated with Charlie Sheen, it only makes sense that the tigerblood master has his own comic book. Bluewater Comics has decided to jump on the bandwagon and create a spoof comic, entitled “Infamous: Charlie Sheen.” The comic book was announced Tuesday and this is what a …

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